Manage your facility and fleet with Scout

Our web-based software connects you to your Spot fleet so that you can collect and review data about your facility from anywhere.

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Manage data from your eyes on the ground

Our Scout platform creates a total fleet management solution for your Spot robots. Modify inspection missions, review historical data to identify trends, and watch robots work live from a single control center.

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Digital Twin

Centralize all of the data Spot captures, view alerts, and analyze historical trends.

Autonomous Coverage

Modify, manage, and run scheduled missions to gather inspection data.

Remote Site Access

Follow along with Spot’s autonomous missions or teleoperate Spot at remote or unmanned facilities.

An end-to-end view into site performance

Get the complete picture of your asset management and site performance and put our dynamic sensing solution to work filling your data gaps.


Configure thermal image parameters in Scout, set regions of interest, and trigger notifications when equipment exceeds preset ranges.

Gauge Reading

Implement computer vision tools through Scout to digitize analog gauge readings and review data trends over time.


Set alarms in Scout to detect, locate, and visualize air and gas leaks, or any changes in sound signatures.

Supervise your assets from where you are

Scout makes interpreting your data and managing missions simpler, without sacrificing the details.

24/7 Site Access

Perform manual or autonomous inspections from the comfort of your operations center or home office, providing 24/7 access to your site.

Mission Scheduling & Review

Record and upload missions to Scout anytime, or schedule them on a regular cadence. Scout keeps your data ready to review with intuitive dashboards and easy transfer to other asset management tools.

Real-Time Collaboration

Manage user permissions and access through a centralized hub. Collaborate with other users to review asset performance, send view links, and share what Spot sees.

Easy Setup

Get started in no time. Scout runs on a secure 1U server that’s quick to install on-site and communicates to your Spots using existing WiFi infrastructure.


Comprehensive inspection management

Aggregating inspection data in a single place enables operators to efficiently act on gathered insights. Scout allows you to review and analyze asset performance trends in real time to power predictive maintenance and reduce downtime.

Employees viewing historic thermal images in Scout on a computer

Proactive Site Visibility and Efficiency

Use the data collected by Spot to identify areas where your site’s operations can be improved. Anomalies can prompt automated alerts through Scout or feed into your existing systems to generate work orders, enabling fast follow up for your maintenance team.

Get more data at your fingertips

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