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Deploy Spot to automate both routine and hazardous inspections, power digital transformation, and increase uptime.

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Reliable data, reliable operations

Proactively gather the data you need to maintain and manage assets and power your predictive maintenance with real-time insights. 

Thermal Sensing

Equip Spot with an optional thermal camera to detect issue-indicating hot spots in tanks, machinery, or electrical conductors.

Visual Inspection

Collect color visuals, read gauges, and perform detailed inspections with Spot’s pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic imagers allow Spot to listen for and visualize otherwise undetectable air leaks, helping prevent expensive equipment failure.

Inspection Toolkit

Industrial Inspection Robot

Spot offers unprecedented mobility and ease of use, delivering results where other inspection tools cannot.

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Inspection Toolkit

EAM Software

Centralize your inspection data: Scout creates a single source of truth for real-time analysis and response, and can integrate with other asset management solutions.

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Inspection Toolkit

Autonomous Sensing

Spot is a dynamic sensing platform that integrates multiple sensors and payloads to meet your industrial inspection needs.

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Inspection Toolkit

Customer Support

We offer world-class customer support, training, and documentation to help at every stage of your deployment.

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“Nearly all of the projects that we do today rely on some data from Spot. The robot is providing safety benefits. Spot is a part of our team now.”

Dean Berlin

Lead Engineer, National Grid

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If you send a human out, they can look at two or three things at a time. A robot like Spot can have several different sensors or cameras on it, and process all that information at the same time.

Yasser Bangash

Senior Facilities Engineer, bp

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“We have more than 35,000 civil works components to check and maintain...But some of them are very hard to reach and can be even dangerous to inspect for the maintenance team. It became obvious to use Spot to help operators complete their mission.”

William Niepceron

Business Manager, RATP Infrastructures

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Reliable inspections from day one

Spot saves your team’s time and makes your worksite more efficient. Get started with everything you need—Spot offers a flexible solution to cover your inspection needs. 

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